Study MBBS in Russia

  • Affordable fees
  • Globally Accepted MBBS Degree
  • Easy Visa Application Processes
  • Duration: 6 years (English Medium)
  • Degree Offered: MD (Equivalent to MBBS in India)
  • Multicultural and student centred environment
  • Admission by simple application, NO ENTRANCE, Easy student visa application process
  • The educational fees are very low due to subsidy by the Government.
  • Affordable medical study tuition fees and living expenses
  • International accredited universities and recognised degrees
  • Medical degrees are recognized all over the world, by MCI, WHO, UNESCO, etc.
  • Wide range of possibilities & broad exposure to clinical practice in highly equipped multiprofile hospitals
  • Proven high quality of education and excellent academic standards
  • Several international transport link (easy accessible geographic locations
  • Best opportunities for clinical exposure at university run hospitals
  • Duration of course after 10+2 standard in Ukraine is 6 years.
  • Students don't need to appear for any entrance examination or pay any donation at the time of admission
  • Russian medical universities provide student with medical insurance and this covers all costs of medical treatments during their stay in the country
MBBS in Russia

The Russian Federation has a number of the leading medical Universities in World operating under the control of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation listed in "WHO World Directory of Medical Schools". Medical students those pass from these Universities are eligible for the MCI screening test in India. Russian Medical Study is considered standard & advanced.

Universities in Russia are much older as compared to those in China, Philippines and are known to have been maintaining a high quality of education. The number of students in each class in medical colleges in Russia is much lower as compared to that in China or Philippines, thus allowing individual attention.

Russia has a long reputation of merging high quality education with affordable and trustworthy training. The prestige of the Russian universities makes them some of the best in the world, especially when it comes to medical education. These universities are approved by leading international organisations such as UNESCO, WHO, MCI & the whole world.

Russia - Russia is the largest country in the world with the total area 17 075 400 square kilometres (over 6.5 million square miles), that is about 1,8 times the size of the USA. The territory of Russia spans through 11 times zones. Russia borders with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and North Korea by land, and with Sweden, Turkey, Japan and the USA by sea.

Russia is potentially one of the wealthiest countries with its natural resources, a well-educated population (99.6% adult literacy; 64% tertiary education enrolment rate), and a diverse industrial base. Russian health and education systems, used to be of the highest standard. Studying in Russia is easy, cheap, and flexible.

The idea of additional education is of great importance because the children always kept busy and they do not have much time for doing bad things (for example, crime, drugs, etc.). The students learn to plan their time with maximum benefit and it is important for their future to live in the new democratic society.

Send documents required for admission at the time of Application, through person / courier / email:-
  • Color scanned copy / photocopy of Application form duly filled.
  • Color Passport photographs for application – (4 cms. x 4.5 cms. with white background, 75% face).
  • Color Scanned copy / photocopy of valid passport / in case of applied – photocopy of passport application receipt.
  • Color Scanned copy / photocopy of marks certificate of 10th class
  • Color Scanned copy / photocopy of marks certificate 12th class.
  • Color Scanned copy / photocopy of Date of Birth by Government authority.
Fees Structure for Medical Universities of Russia
Note :- View full fees structure, scroll left to right
Session 2019- 2020 Updated as on 18th May, 2019
6 Years MD (equivalent to MBBS in India) Course
Tuition, Hostel, Medical Insurance Fee (Ist Yr) Tuition, Hostel, Medical Insurance Fee (2nd Yr+) Total Expences for Whole Course
US $ Rs US $ Rs US $ Rs
Kazan State Medical University, Kazan, Russia
6400 416000 5400 351000 33400 2171000
Izhevsk State Medical Academy, Izhevsk, Russia
6000 390000 3250 211250 22250 1446250
Altai State Medical University, Barnaul, Russia
6000 390000 5100 331500 31500 2047500
Novisibirsk State Medical University, Novisibirsk , Russia
7980 518700 6980 453700 42880 2,787,200
Bashkir State Medical University, UFA, Russia
6000 390000 4300 279500 27500 1787500
Crimea Federal University, Simferopol, Russia
6500 422500 3200 208000 22500 1530000
Kursk State Medical University, Kursk, Russia
6200 403000 6200 403000 37200 2418000
Izevsk State Medical University, Izevsk, Russia
6000 390000 3250 211250 22250 1513000
Mari State Medical University, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
5500 357500 4500 292500 28000 1820000
Volgograd State Medical University, Volgograd, Russia
6530 424450 6530 424450 39180 2546700
Calculated at 1 US$ = Rs 65
  • Currency rate is used for the purpose of calculations & Student has to pay as per the rates prevailing on the date of conversion
  • Food Charges Depends on the student's lifestyle minimum of 100$ per month
  • Rates for air ticket shall be paid as per rate on the date of actual booking or travel
  • Though due care is taken while preparing this chart there may be changes in the same from time to time depending on updates.
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